wines that are simply

”All the appeal of wine comes from the fact that two bottles are never perfectly alike”
Edward Bunyard


Welcome to
the land of Sirmontagu,
in the heart of French Provence
and regions as fecund as the Rhone Valley,
the Loire, Bourgogne, Beaujolais,
and Champagne...

our domain

It is not enough to have good soil and an ideal location to make a nectar.
(It also works with an "hectare"... Sic!)

It is still necessary to have the know-how, the will and this spark of genius of passionate people able to constantly push back the limits to create unique wines.

Settled in the calm, in a natural domain of exception in the south of Provence, (which soon could even be visited!), we select the best grape varieties, then the best juices, to finally give birth to wines which, above all, delight us.

the founder's note

If you're going to do things, you might as well do them well.

It took me many years to meet my partners, without whom I would never have been able to create this collection of wines, the most colored and varied, but above all the most accomplished.

As you may have noticed, I also had to sign each bottle, committing myself personally: what better guarantee of assiduity and loyalty to the attention of connoisseurs around the world?